What is terry cloth?

Terry cloth is a soft, textured fabric usually used for towels and bathrobes because of how comfortable and absorbent it is. i found a thinner terry so it will dry as fast as a classic bikini and lined it with tricot (soft, stretchy and waterproof) fabric to make the perfect bikini. it has a unique, vintage look that elevates the classic cuts in my collection!

How do I care for my Métier Essentials?

Each of my pieces is different but I always recommend being as gentle as possible. Most items are shower safe but I suggest looking in specific items' descriptions for details! Pieces will say "shower safe" if they are so, and if it doesn't say, keep them out of water at all times to make sure your jewels stay their very best! Email toriginals2016@gmail.com with any other questions you might have! 

Are your earrings safe for sensitive ears?                        

Almost all earrings are 14k gold filled and safe for sensitive ears! But every ear is different and if you're worried, email me at toriginals2016@gmail.com for custom pieces made with solid 14k gold or other safe materials that work for you!

How long will it take for my pieces to ship?

Most pieces ship within 1-3 days and will arrive with you in around 3-5 days (for First Class U.S orders). We also offer overnight and Priority shipping for rush orders, last minute birthday gifts etc.! But I also hope you keep in mind that I am a senior in high school taking AP classes and playing a varsity sport, so please allow for delays during the week. :) Email toriginals2016@gmail.com for specific shipping requests!

When did you start Métier Essentials?

I started Métier at the end of my freshman year in high school, mid 2016, and have been in love with jewelry making and the business world ever since! My company was originally called T Originals, hence my email address but I switched to my new name, Métier Essentials, when my business matured and became more established. Métier means "job" in French but has been anglicized to mean your calling or forte!